Rastafarians Breaking the Norm


This link is just to show all of the people that think Marijuana is only used to get high is infact a incorrect assumption. The people of the Rastafarian culture are just the ones to show them up. The Rastafarians believe smoking Marijuana increases the spirtual connections with them selves. It there is known as the “Holy Herb” and “Wisdom Weed”. The fact is not everyone uses weed to get high. I feel like people against Marijuana Legalization are viewing weed as this overpower drug that ruins the lives of the users. People use Marijuana as so many diffrent things wither its pain relief, a fighting chance against depression, or as a religous act Marijuana does its people good. For anyone one that doesn’t believe look at the link, look on the internet for information. Just dont tunnel vision on the bad check out the positive traits Marijuana can have on you.


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